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What’s the Fastest Bike in GTA 5

GTA 5 features a number of different bikes for players to choose from. While some are faster than others, there is one bike in particular that stands out as the fastest option. The Nagasaki Shotaro is a unique futuristic looking bike that can reach speeds of up to 150mph.

It’s not only the fastest bike in GTA 5, but also one of the coolest looking vehicles in the game. If you’re looking for speed and style, then the Nagasaki Shotaro is the perfect choice.

There are a few different types of bikes in GTA 5, and each one has its own unique top speed. The fastest bike in the game is the Bati 801RR, which can reach speeds of up to 120 mph. This makes it perfect for getting around Los Santos quickly, or for outrunning the police if you’re up to no good.

If you’re looking for a fast bike that’s also easy to handle, then the Bati 801RR is definitely the way to go.

What'S the Fastest Bike in Gta 5

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What is the Fastest Normal Bike in Gta 5?

The fastest bike in GTA 5 is the Nagasaki BF400. It can be found in online stores and garages, and has a top speed of 132mph. The next fastest bike is the Shitzu Hakuchou, which has a top speed of 130mph.

What’S the Best Bike in Gta 5?

In GTA 5, the best bike is the Bati 801. It’s fast, has good handling, and looks great. The only downside is that it’s a bit expensive, costing $12,000.

What’S the Fastest Bike in Gta 5 Online 2022?

The fastest bike in GTA 5 Online is the Nagasaki Ultralight, which can reach a top speed of 132.5 mph. The second-fastest bike is the Western Motorcycle Company Daemon, which has a top speed of 131.8 mph.


Fastest Bike in Gta 5 Story Mode

Gta 5 Story Mode has a wide variety of bikes to choose from, but which one is the fastest? That would be the Bati 801RR. This bike can be found in various locations around the map, and can reach speeds of up to 150mph.

However, it should be noted that this bike is not available from the very beginning of the game – you’ll need to progress through the story and complete certain missions before being able to purchase it.


The fastest bike in GTA 5 is the Nagasaki Shotaro. It can be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for $2,225,000. The Nagasaki Shotaro has a top speed of 115 mph and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat.

The bike also comes equipped with a nitrous oxide system that can give it a temporary speed boost of up to 30 mph.