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Valet Mode Explained

What is Valet Mode?

Valet mode is a setting in many modern vehicles that limits certain aspects of your car’s performance and features. This mode is typically used when someone else is driving your car, such as a valet parking attendant. The purpose of valet mode is to protect your privacy, maintain your vehicle’s security, and prevent misuse or reckless driving.

How Does Valet Mode Affect the Transmission?

When activated, valet mode may affect the car’s transmission by limiting the speed of the vehicle, disabling manual shift capabilities in cars with automatic transmissions, or preventing the driver from shifting beyond certain gears. The specific restrictions can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Activating and Deactivating Valet Mode

Valet mode can usually be activated and deactivated through the car’s infotainment system or via a specific code or key fob sequence. Again, the exact method will depend on the brand and model of your car.


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