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Is Dodge Charger Getting Discontinued

The Dodge Charger is a popular car, but there are rumors that it may be getting discontinued. This would be a shame, as the Charger is a unique and stylish car. It’s also affordable, which makes it a good choice for many buyers.

However, if the rumors are true, what will replace the Charger?

The Dodge Charger is a popular car, but there are rumors that it may be getting discontinued. There is no official word from Dodge yet, so we don’t know for sure if the Charger will be around much longer. If you’re thinking about buying a Charger, you may want to do it sooner rather than later just in case.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as more information becomes available.

Is Dodge Charger Getting Discontinued

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Is Dodge Going to Stop Making the Charger?

No, Dodge is not going to stop making the Charger. The Charger is a popular model for the automaker and has been in production since 2006. There have been rumors that Dodge was planning to discontinue the Charger, but those rumors are unfounded.

Are They Going to Stop Making Dodge Challengers?

It’s been rumoured that Dodge will be discontinuing the Challenger, but there’s no official word from the company yet. The Challenger is one of Dodge’s most popular models, so it would be a big loss for fans of the brand if it were to be discontinued. However, with changing consumer tastes and stricter emission standards, it’s possible that the Challenger will eventually be phased out.

Only time will tell for sure what Dodge’s plans are for the future of the Challenger.

Dodge Charger & Challenger Discontinued After 2023 – What this Means for the Dodge Brand?

Dodge Charger Redesign 2024

Dodge is planning a complete redesign of the Charger for the 2024 model year. The current Charger will be discontinued after the 2023 model year. The new Charger will be significantly lighter than the current car, thanks to an all-new aluminum chassis.

The bodywork will also be entirely new, with a more aggressive design that draws inspiration from the Dodge Dart and Challenger. Inside, theCharger will continue to offer seating for up to five passengers. However, the interior will be completely redesigned with higher quality materials and updated technology.

Under the hood, the base engine will likely be a turbocharged 4-cylinder unit. However, V6 and V8 engines will also be available. All-wheel drive will probably be offered as an option on some models.

The 2024 Dodge Charger is expected to go on sale in late 2023 or early 2024. Pricing has not been announced yet, but it is expected to start around $30,000.


No, the Dodge Charger is not getting discontinued. There have been rumors circulating that the Charger will be discontinued after the 2020 model year, but these are simply rumors with no basis in fact. The Charger is a popular car and continues to sell well, so there is no reason for Dodge to discontinue it.