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How To Turn Off Abs And Traction Control Light

Cars are amazing, but they can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. And one of the most common accidents with cars is when someone turns off their ABS and traction control system without knowing it. Here are four ways to make sure you don’t accidentally turn off your car’s safety features: 1.Always keep your hands on the wheel at all times. 2.Know where all the buttons and knobs are located. 3.Stay aware of your surroundings at all times. 4.Keep a close eye on your car’s dashboard indicators.

What is traction control?

Traction control is a system that helps prevent loss of traction on the tires, which can cause a skidding or spinout. The system monitors the amount of grip available on the tire and reduces power when needed to maintain traction. Traction control may be turned off in certain situations, such as when the vehicle is going around a corner.

How traction control works

There are three ways to turn off traction control on a car: the manual transmission, the electronic transmission, and the car’s computer.
Manual Transmission: If you’re driving a manual transmission car, find the “Traction Control” button on your steering wheel and press it. This will turn off all of the car’s traction control systems.
Electronic Transmission: Similar to turning off traction control on a manual transmission car, if you’re driving an electronic transmission car you’ll need to find the “Traction Control” button and press it. However, this button may be hidden in a different place depending on your vehicle. Once you’ve found it, just press it and hold down until all of the traction control systems have been turned off.
Car Computer: Finally, if you don’t have access to any of the above methods then you can also turn off traction control by going into your vehicle’s computer system. This method is usually only used by mechanics because it can be more difficult than accessing other methods. To do this, first locate your vehicle’s “Security System” menu. From here, select “TCS.” Next, under “Traction Control System,” make sure that everything is set to OFF by highlighting each option and pressing ‘Enter.’

How to turn off traction control

If you have ABS or traction control, there are a few ways to turn them off.

To disable ABS:
1. Park the car in a safe place with plenty of room to move around.
2. Turn off the ignition and remove the key from the ignition.
3. Turn the wheel to the left or right as needed until you hear a beep, indicating that ABS has been disabled.
4. Replace the key in the ignition and wait 10 seconds before starting the car.
5. Drive slowly around a few turns to make sure ABS is working properly before returning to normal driving conditions.


If you’re like most drivers, you probably have a few times when you’ve been driving and felt your car start to pull to one side or the other. Well, it turns out that this is actually caused by traction control light turning on. Abs and traction control lights are meant to help us stay safe while we’re driving, but in some cases they can be a little bit of an annoyance. If you find yourself dealing with this issue often, there are a few things that you can do to turn them off.