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How To Take Off Spare Tire Under Truck

When you have a flat tire, chances are you don’t want to be without your vehicle. Unfortunately, if you have a spare tire and don’t know how to take it off, you’re out of luck. In this blog post, we will teach you how to take off a spare tire under your truck in just a few easy steps. By following our guide, you will be able to get your spare tire on and off in no time at all.

Tools Needed

1. Have a jack and lug wrench
2. Have a flat-head screwdriver
3. Have a tire iron or similar tool
4. Have some rags or a spare tire tube
5. Have a bucket to catch the fluid
6. Check your state’s laws on removing/changing tires on the side of the road
7. Check your truck’s manual to see if it requires specific tools/spare parts
1) Jack and lug wrench: This is absolutely necessary in order to remove and replace a spare tire on your truck. A jack will lift the spare tire off of the ground, while a lug wrench can be used to twist and tighten the lugs that hold it in place. If you don’t have either of these tools, you’ll need to find someone who does before you can start work!
2) Flat-head screwdriver: This is needed to remove the screws that hold the spare tire onto your truck’s frame.
3) Tire iron: This is used to loosen stubborn rubber plugs that may block air from going into the tire, which can cause it to go flat prematurely.
4) Rags or spare tire tube: You’ll need these in order to catch any fluid that leaks from the spare tire when it’s removed or replaced.
5) Bucket: You’ll need this in order to catch any fluid that leaks from the spare tire when it’s removed or replaced.

How to remove spare tire

If you have a spare tire and want to remove it, follow these steps:

1. Place the jack under the truck.
2. Put the wheel nuts on the bolts that hold the spare tire in place, and tighten them using a wrench.
3. Lift up on the jack handle to lift the truck and spare tire off of the ground. Be careful not to damage either component!
4. Release the jack handle and remove the bolts from underneath the spare tire.
5. Remove the old spare tire and install your new one by following these steps: torque all of the bolts to their required specifications, put wheel nuts on, and re-attach brackets to frame or bumper posts (as necessary).

Disconnecting the Wheel

If your truck has a spare tire and you want to disconnect it so that you can remove the wheel, follow these steps:
1. Shut off the truck’s engine.
2. Remove the key from the ignition.
3. Open the driver’s door and lower the window before removing any slack from the parking brake cable.
4. Turn the wheel so that it locks in place, then use a wrench to loosen both lug nuts.
5. Carefully pull the wheel off of the axle, being sure not to damage it in any way.
6. After the wheel is detached, unscrew and remove the nut on each end of the spare tire carrier bar (you may need to use a crescent wrench).
7. Lift up on one end of the carrier bar and detach it from the axle housing; then do likewise with the other end.
8. If necessary, clean any grease or oil from inside of housing and carrier bar before replacing them both with new bolts and nuts (tighten them just enough so they don’t come loose).

Removing the Spare Tire

If your truck has a spare tire, be prepared to remove it. The process is the same for both rear and front-wheel drive trucks.

1. Locate the lug nuts that secure the spare tire to the truck. There are usually six of them on a rear-wheel drive truck and four on a front-wheel drive truck.

2. Remove the lug nuts using a wrench or a sockets and ratchet. Keep an eye on the wheels while you’re doing this; you don’t want them to spin and come off while you’re working on the spare tire.

3. If your spare tire is mounted on the back of the truck, lift it up and pull it away from the vehicle. If your spare tire is mounted on the front of the truck, remove the wheel first by loosening all of its bolts, then pull away the spare tire from beneath it.

4. If your spare tire is air-inflated, deflate it before removing it from your vehicle. You can do this by opening all of its valves (usually located near each end) with a screwdriver or a valve wrench, then pumping out any air that’s still inside.

Putting the Tire Back on the Wheel

If you’re ever stranded with a flat tire, you’ll want to know how to take the tire off the wheel. Here’s a step-by-step guide:
1. Locate the lug nuts that hold the tire to the wheel. They are usually on the outside of the wheel. If they are not visible, use a battery-poweredimpact tool to remove them.
2. Drive your car or truck away from the flat tire until it is at least three feet away. This will give you enough room to work without being in danger of hitting the flat tire with your vehicle.
3. Place one foot on either side of the wheel and use your hands to carefully roll the tire off of the wheel. Be sure to support both sides of the rim as you do so!


If you have a spare tire under your truck, there are a few simple steps you can take to take it off. First, remove the lug nuts and drive the bolts out of the wheel. Next, use a pry bar to lift up on one side of the tire and pull it off of the axle. Finally, set the tire aside and replace the lug nuts and bolts.