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How To Smoke A Tail Light

When you’re driving in the dark and you see a police car in your rear-view mirror, it’s best not to do anything that might get you pulled over. That includes smoking a tail light. Smoking a tail light is illegal in most states, and doing so can result in a ticket and a possible suspension of your driver’s license. So why do people do it? There are many reasons, but one of the most popular ones is that smokers believe that smoking a tail light will make the police officer think they have something more important to do than stop them. In reality, however, smoking a tail light only makes things more difficult for you. If you’re going to smoke a tail light, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and DON’T drive while lighting up. It may be tempting, but it’s just not worth the risk.

What You’ll Need

What You’ll Need:

-A tail light
-A lighter
-Tobacco pouch or container
-Step by Step Guide:
1. Find the tail light that you would like to smoke.
2. Open the lighter and place it against the front of the tail light.
3. Hold the cigarette between your fingers and use your thumb to ignite the end of the cigarette.
4. Take a drag from the cigarette, then exhale deeply through your nose.
5. Hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as possible before releasing it slowly through your mouth.
6. Close your lips around the smoke and hold it there for a few seconds until it has dissipated completely.

How to Smoke a Tail Light

If you’re looking to add a little flavor to your smoking experience, try smoking a tail light. Tail lights are small, removable pieces of plastic that sit on the end of the tailpipe. They provide a great place to start your fire and give your smoke some extra flavor. To smokes a tail light: 1. Get some wood chips or chunks and soak them in water for at least an hour.

2. When you’re ready to start smoking, put the wood chips in your smoker and add enough fuel to cover them.

3. Place the tail light on top of the wood chips and light it using a lighter or fissure starter kit.

4. Once the light is lit, hold the flame against the plastic part of the tail light and inhale deeply through your nose while holding your breath for as long as you can. Be careful not to let the fire get too close to the plastic part of the tail light or it could melt it!

Tips for Smoking a Tail Light

If you want to smoke a tail light, there are a few tips that you need to know. The first thing that you will need is some tobacco. You can buy cigarettes either in packs or in bulk. You will also need some kind of lighter. If you are using a pack of cigarettes, you will need to cut one off and light it. Once the cigarette is lit, you will need to hold it up to the tail light. You should keep your hand close to the light so that it does not go out. When you are done smoking the cigarette, you will need to put it out and ground it into the light bulb.


Sometimes, we need to know how to do something without being able to see the end result. In this case, we are going to be smoking a tail light on our car. This is an easy and relatively safe procedure that will help us identify and fix any issues with our car’s lights. If you have any questions or concerns before beginning, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!