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How To Roll Your Windows Up With Key Fob

Windows are one of the most popular features in any home. And, of course, they need to be opened and closed regularly. But, with so many windows in a home, it can be difficult to remember which key goes to which window. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to roll your windows up with your key fob. By following these simple steps, you’ll never have to fumble for your keys again!

What You’ll Need

In order to roll up your windows using your key fob, you will need the key fob, the car window regulator, and a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the key fob into the opening on the side of the car window regulator. Turn the screw on the side of the regulator until it seats tightly in the hole on the side of the key fob. Hold onto both handles of the key fob while simultaneously turning the screw with your Phillips screwdriver. The window should now be rolled up.

How to Do It

If you want to roll up your windows using your key fob, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow. First, make sure that the windows are down. Second, press and hold the window up button on your key fob until it starts beeping. Third, release the button when the window is all the way up. Fourth, repeat these steps for the other window.

Tips for a Successful Roll Up

There are a few tips that can help make rolling your windows up with your key fob easier and more successful.

1. Make sure the windows are in the correct position: Before you roll up your windows, you need to first make sure they’re in the correct position. You’ll want them to be close to the top of the door, but not so close that they touch.

2. Get familiar with your car: Once you know how to position the windows, it’s time to get familiar with your car. Practice rolling them up and down a few times before you actually need to use them in a hurry. This will help you get used to the feel of your car’s window system and make sure everything goes smoothly when you need to use it for real.

3. Use caution when rolling up your windows: Even after getting used to your car and its window system, always be careful when rolling up your windows. If something happens while you’re trying to roll them up (like someone jumping out from behind a tree), it’s possible that they could fly open, causing serious damage or even injury.


Rolling your windows up with a key fob can be a convenient way to keep the heat and air conditioning on during summer months. Just be sure to have your window rollers ready in case you need them!