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How To Replace Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle position sensors (TPS) are crucial components in modern engines. Without them, your car might not start, and you may even be subject to fines if you drive without one. If your TPS goes out, it can be tricky to replace it—and that’s if you can find the part at all. Luckily, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to replace a throttle position sensor in just a few simple steps. So don’t wait; get started today!

What is a Throttle Position Sensor?

A throttle position sensor (TPS) is a sensor located on the throttle body that measures the amount of air being delivered to the engine. When the TPS detects an excessive increase in air flow, it sends a signal to the ECU to cut back on fuel delivery. This helps to prevent stalling and damage to the engine.

How does a Throttle Position Sensor work?

Throttle position sensors are tiny devices that help your car determine the amount of gas you’re providing to the engine. The sensor uses a small magnet to measure how far the throttle has been opened and sends this information to your car’s computer. When you experience a problem with your car, it’s often easy to identify which component is causing the issue by checking for an error code from your ECM (electronic control module). If there’s an error, chances are good that it’s because one or more of your Throttle Position Sensors have failed. Here are some common symptoms that might indicate a malfunction: Your car won’t start

Your car hesitates or stutters when driving

Your check engine light comes on

Your mileage may go down Suddenly losing power while driving can be particularly dangerous, so it’s important to have your Throttle Position Sensor replaced as soon as possible if you experience any of these problems.

How to replace a throttle position sensor on a car

If your car’s throttle position sensor is not functioning correctly, the car will not be able to accelerate or brake properly. The sensor is a small, circular object that rests on top of the throttle body. It sends signals to the computer that controls the engine’s fuel injection and air intake, which can lead to poor acceleration or braking.

To replace a throttle position sensor on a car, you’ll need to remove the wheel, jack up the car, and remove the front suspension. Next, locate the throttle body cover and unscrew it from the shaft. Slide off the old sensor and replace it with a new one. Reconnect everything and reattach the cover. Lower the car back onto the ground and screw in the wheel.

What are the risks of not replacing a throttle position sensor?

If a throttle position sensor fails, the engine may not operate properly and can even lead to a car stall. A new sensor costs around $60, but if it fails again in the future, the repair cost could quickly add up. In addition, a faulty sensor can also cause other problems such as rough idle and poor fuel economy.


If you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle’s throttle position sensor, it’s time to replace it. Thoroughly cleaning and lubricating the throttle position sensor every 6 months is the most effective way to prevent errors and ensure reliable operation. If you have any questions about how to replace your throttle position sensor, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Advanced Auto Repair.