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How To Replace Passenger Side Mirror Assembly

One of the most common repairs on cars is replacing a passenger side mirror assembly. Over time, the plastic or metal parts inside the mirror can become brittle and break. This can cause the mirror to fall off or become severely distorted, making it difficult to see. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps necessary to replace a passenger side mirror assembly. We will also provide some tips on how to prevent this from happening in the first place. If you are in need of assistance with a passenger side mirror repair, be sure to check out our workshop! We are experts at replacing these parts and can help you get your car back up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The Parts of A Mirror

If your mirror is broken, there are several parts that need to be replaced. The mirror housing, the control arm, and the mirror itself.
1) The Mirror Housing
This part of the mirror is made out of plastic or metal and sits on a bracket attached to the door. It may have a sticker on it that says “Side Mirror” or “Passenger Side”. If it’s broken, you’ll need to replace the housing. You can find replacement housings at most auto parts stores.
2) The Control Arm
This part attaches to the mirror housing and controls how wide the mirror can open. If it’s broken, you’ll need to replace the control arm. You can find replacement arms at most auto parts stores.
3) The Mirror
The actual glass mirror that you see in your car needs to be replaced if it’s broken. You can buy new mirrors or find them at a salvage yard or online. Make sure to check compatibility before buying so you don’t end up with a useless piece of glass in your car

How to Replace a Passenger Side Mirror Assembly

Replacing a passenger side mirror assembly is a relatively easy job, even for those without any mechanical experience. The entire assembly can be removed from the car in just a few minutes using a few simple tools and screws. Here are the steps:

1. Remove the screws that hold the mirror to the car body. There are usually four or five of them, depending on the model.
2. Once the screws are out, simply pull the mirror off of the car body. Be careful not to break it!
3. If your car has side impact airbags, you’ll need to disable them before continuing. To do this, remove two Phillips head screws near each side of the bag area and pull out the black coverings behind them. You should now be able to see two small metal plates near each side of the airbag module. Simply press down on one of these plates until it clicks into place and re-attach the coverings with new screws. Do not forget to replace these covers when you’re done!
4. Now rinse off all of the old glue and oils from the mirror frame and glass using warm water and mild soap. Make sure to get into all ofthe crevices!
5. Apply a thin layer of new adhesive Gorilla Glue to one end ofthe new mirrorglass blank (or piece of plastic if you’re replacing a broken glass pane). Place the glued blank againstthe mirrorframe so that there is equal pressure on both sides

Tools Needed

Some tools that are often needed when replacing a passenger side mirror assembly include a Torx T-8 bit driver, an 8mm socket wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a straight edge. First, take off the cover of the mirror housing by removing the four screws that hold it in place. Next use the Torx T-8 bit driver to remove the two screws that hold the mirror in place. Carefully lift out the mirror and set it aside. Next use the 8mm socket wrench to remove the two screws that hold the bracket in place on either side of the mirror. Separate the bracket from the mirror and set it aside. Carefully lift out the old mirror assembly and replace it with the new one. Use the Phillips screwdriver to reattachthe bracket to both sides ofthe new mirror assembly, making sure that it is positioned correctly. Finally, replacethe four screws that heldthe cover on and tighten them down usingthe 8mm socket wrench.

Steps to Replace a Passenger Side Mirror Assembly

Looking to replace your passenger side mirror assembly? Here are the steps:

Remove the screws that hold the mirror bracket in place. Just pry it off from the back of the car.

Pry off the old mirror and set it aside. There’s a new mirror behind it.

Install the new mirror by pressing it into place and screwing it in place with screws that were removed earlier. Make sure that it is level and fits snugly against the window.

Replace the bracket by putting screws through its holes and tightening them up. Don’t overdo it, or you’ll strip out the brackets’ threads!

Finished! Ta-da!