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How To Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor

One of the most common problems with vehicles is a faulty crankshaft position sensor. If left undetected, this can lead to serious engine issues, including reduced fuel efficiency and even loss of power. In this blog post, we will show you how to replace a crankshaft position sensor on a Ford Fiesta. By following our step-by-step guide, you will be able to fix your car without any trouble at all.

What is the Crankshaft Position Sensor?

The crankshaft position sensor is a device that measures the position of the crankshaft on the engine block. If the sensor detects an incorrect position, it sends a signal to the ignition system to adjust timing. The sensor is located on the front of the engine block near the oil pump.

How to Replace the Crankshaft Position Sensor

If your car stalls or won’t start, there’s a good chance the crankshaft position sensor is malfunctioning. This tiny sensor detects when the crankshaft is at its proper position and sends a signal to the engine control module (ECM). If the sensor isn’t working, the ECM can’t tell when the piston is at top dead center and could cause problems with fuel injection, air flow, and emissions. Here’s how to replace it:

1) Underneath the car, remove the three bolts that hold on the lower intake manifold.

2) Remove the intake manifold by carefully pulling it away from the engine.

3) Carefully lift off the cylinder head assembly. Keep in mind that there are electric wires attached to it! If you’re not careful, you could short them out and cause some serious damage.

4) With the head assembly removed, you’ll see two black plastic assemblies attached to either side of the engine block. These are the crankshaft position sensor brackets. Note which one is loose and remove it by pushing up on one end and pulling it free. Be sure to keep track of which bracket goes where so you don’t accidentally install it incorrectly later on.

5) Once you’ve removed both brackets, lift out the old crankshaft position sensor assembly. It should look something like this:

6) Install your new

What to do if the Crankshaft Position Sensor Doesn’t Work

If the crankshaft position sensor doesn’t work, the car won’t start. The most common cause is a bad sensor. Here are some things to do if you have a problem with your crankshaft position sensor:

1. Try replacing the sensor. This is the easiest and most common solution. To replace the sensor, first remove the exhaust manifold and camshaft cover. Then, remove the four bolts that hold on the sensor housing. After removing the housing, you can access and replace the sensor. make sure to use a new sealant when reinstalling the housing

What to Do if the Sensor Shows No Signal

If the sensor shows no signal, you will need to replace the crank shaft position sensor. To do this, remove the air filter and the under-bonnet cover. There is a large bolt holding the sensor in place and it should come out easily. Once it is out, you can see the sensor itself. It is a small black box with a white stripe on it.