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How To Replace Cigarette Lighter Fuse

When you’re out and about and need to light up a cigarette, nothing feels better than whipping out your trusty lighter. But what if your lighter doesn’t work? What do you do? In this blog post, we will teach you how to replace the cigarette lighter fuse. This is a common problem that can be easily remedied with a few simple steps. So don’t wait another minute; get started replacing your cigarette lighter fuse today!

What You’ll Need

To replace a cigarette lighter fuse, you will need:
-A replacement fuse
-A Phillips screwdriver
-A flat head screwdriver
-Wire cutters or a knife
-Superglue or epoxy glue
-Zip ties

How to Replace the Cigarette Lighter Fuse

If your lighter fuse blows, it’s not necessarily an emergency. You can replace the fuse yourself, if you have a basic knowledge of electrical wiring. Here’s how to do it:

1. Disconnect the battery cable from the lighter.
2. Remove the cover plate on the lighter and remove the four screws that hold it in place.
3. Lift out the lighter and disconnect the electrical connector from the wall socket.
4. Connect one end of a standard electrical wire to the electrical connector on the wall and connect the other end of the wire to one of the screws on the bottom of the lighter (the “hot” end). Reconnect the battery cable and screw coverplate back into place.

Tips for Removing a Fuse Safely

Step one: Turn off your car and remove the negative battery cable.
Step two: You will need a set of flathead screwdrivers to remove the fuse panel cover. On most models, the fuse panel is held in place by 4 screws located along the top edge of the cover. Once you have removed these screws, gently pull the cover away from the fuse box.
Step three: Find the blown fuse and replace it with a new one. Make sure that you identify which fuse corresponds to your cigarette lighter, as this will be indicated on the label attached to the front of your lighter housing. Once you have replaced the fuse, reinstall the cover and screws, making sure that they are properly seated before reconnecting your battery cable.

How to Prevent a Fire in the Future

If you are ever unsure about how to replace a cigarette lighter fuse, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a fire in the future. First, remove any extra fuses from around your home. This will help reduce the risk of tripping over or mishandling a live fuse while trying to fix it. Next, check the porcelain part of the lighter for cracks or damage. If either of these conditions is present, replace the fuse immediately. Finally, ensure that all plugs and cords are properly grounded when installing new fuses. Doing so will help to minimize the potential for electric shock and fires.