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How To Remove Wheel Locks Without Key

When you’re out and about and your car gets stuck in awheel lock, you probably reach for your key to free it. But what if you can’t find your key? Or what if you don’t have a key to begin with? In this blog post, we will explore how to remove wheel locks without a key. From using tools like a pipe or impact wrench to jimmy the lock open, we will teach you everything you need to know to get your car unstuck without any help from the mechanic.

What are Wheel Locks?

Wheel locks are a common form of theft prevention. They’re usually small, cylindrical devices that fit onto the hubs of a wheel, and can be locked using a key or code. When someone wants to take a wheel off of a vehicle, they have to use the key or code to unlock the lock, then use their own strength to pull the wheel off of the hub. Wheel locks are usually only effective if the thief has access to the vehicle’s keys or code. If the wheel is locked using a disc (like on a bike), the thief needs both the key and disc in order to unlock it.

Some vehicles come with wheel locks as standard equipment, while others require that you buy them separately. Wheel locks can cost anywhere from $10-30, and they’re an effective way to prevent theft.

How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a Key

If you need to remove wheel locks but don’t have the key, there are a few methods you can use. One option is to use a plunger. Put the plunger over the hub of the wheel and push and twist it until the lock pops off. Another option is to use a battery-powered drill. Insert the bit into the lock and turn it until it clicks off. Finally, you can use a piece of metal wire to pry open the lock.

How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a Lock Picking Tool

If you don’t have a lock picking tool, there are several other ways to remove wheel locks without one. The most common method is to use an impact wrench. You can also use a drill, screwdriver or pliers. Just make sure the object you’re using is heavy enough to do the job and tough enough to withstand the torque from the impact wrench.


If you have a car with wheel locks, and you don’t have the key to remove them, don’t worry! I’ve created this guide on how to remove wheel locks without the use of a key. In it, I outline the steps necessary for removing wheel locks without having to resort to breaking the lock or paying someone to do it for you. Whether you live in a city where getting your car broken into is unfortunately common or you just forgot your key, this guide will help get your car unlocked so that you can get inside and take whatever you need.