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How To Remove A Rear Axle Assembly

If you’re like most drivers, you probably take your car for granted. Maybe it’s because you never have to worry about it breaking down, but maybe it’s just that your car runs smoothly and effortlessly. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to keep your car in good condition by regularly checking and fixing any issues that arise. One common issue is rear axle assemblies. In this blog post, we will show you how to remove a rear axle assembly without any special tools or expertise. By following our simple steps, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle—not to mention money.


If you have a vehicle with a rear axle assembly, it’s important to know how to remove it. This is because the axle can be damaged if not taken care of properly and can cause difficulties while driving. There are four steps necessary to remove an axle: removing the wheel, disconnecting the suspension, removing the bearing cap, and remove the axle nut.

1) Remove the wheel. The first step is to remove the wheel. To do this, use a lug wrench or a socket and ratchet to loosen the bolts that hold the wheel on. Once the bolts are loosened, gentlypull off the wheel. Make sure to note which side ofthe vehicle the wheel is on so that it can be reinstalled in reverse order.

2) Disconnect suspension. Next, disconnect the suspension by removingthe four nuts that hold it on. Be careful not to twist or damage any ofthe cables while removing them. Once they’ve been removed, pullthe suspension off ofthe axle.

3) Remove bearing cap and axle nut. Finally, use a wrenchor socket to unscrew the Bearing Cap and thenremove the nut that holds it on (Figure 1). Make sureto Note where each item came from so that it can be reinstalled in its correctlocation later on.(Figure 1)

4) Reinstall parts in reverse order. Once all ofthe above parts have been replaced in reverse order,

Removal Instructions

If your car has a rear axle assembly, you will need to remove it in order to replace it. Here are the removal instructions:
1. Park your car on a level surface with all four tires off the ground.
2. Remove the key from the ignition and set it aside.
3. Locate and disconnect the battery cable.
4. Remove the wheel(s) and tire(s).
5. Remove the rear axle assembly by removing the six bolts that secure it to the car frame (see illustration below). Be sure to use a torque wrench to tighten these bolts to specification – they should be tightened to approximately 30 inch-pounds (45 Nm).
6. Carefully lower the rear axle assembly off of the car frame and place it safely away from the moving parts (brake, engine, etc.).

Reverse Procedure

If your car has an automatic transmission, you may need to perform a reverse procedure to remove the rear axle assembly. First, make sure the car is in park. Next, use your emergency brake to lock the front and rear wheels. Then, use your remote starter or key to turn the ignition off. Next, disconnect the negative battery cable. Finally, use a jack and lug wrench to remove the axle assembly.