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How To Put Car In Accessory Mode Without Key

If you’re like most drivers, you use your car’s key to turn it into an accessory. You can do the same with your phone. But what if you need to put your car in accessory mode but don’t have the key? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to put your car in accessory mode without a key. This is great for when you have to leave your car overnight or when you’re not around to hand over the key.

What Are Car Accessory Modes?

When you want to put your car in accessory mode, but don’t have the key, there are a few different ways to do it. One way is to use the car’s remote keyless entry system. The other way is to use a fob.

How to Put Car in Accessory Mode Without Key

Easy way to put car in accessory mode without key
If you’ve ever had to get out of your car and couldn’t find the key, there is an easy way to put it in accessory mode without having to remove the whole assembly. All you need is a small tool called a “Pilot Key.”
To do this:
1. Park your car in a secure location.
2. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “On” position.
3. Push down on the emergency brake pedal and wait about two seconds for the dashboard warning light to turn off (it will stay on during this process).
4. Switch your attention from the key to your Pilot Key.
5. Press down on one of the yellow buttons on the Pilot Key until it clicks (this will activate the car’s remote start).
6. Drive away from your parked car and make sure that you keep both hands on the wheel at all times—the parking brake will now hold your car in place while you’re driving!

Things to Avoid While Putting Car in Accessory Mode

While putting a car into accessory mode, there are a few things to avoid in order to prevent possible damage or theft.

First, make sure all the doors and trunk are closed securely before turning the car into accessory mode. This will help keep any potential thieves from taking advantage of the open vehicle.

Next, be sure to disconnect all of the battery cables, as this will disable the car’s electrical systems.

And finally, be sure to remove any important objects or valuables that may be inside the car while it is in accessory mode. This includes anything that may be worth stealing, like your purse or wallet.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put your car in accessory mode without the use of a key. This is handy if you’re trying to leave your car parked for an extended period of time and don’t want to have to worry about someone else parking in your spot!