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How To Jump A/C Compressor Relay

Are you having trouble jumping a/c compressor relays? If so, you’re not alone. This common problem can be difficult to troubleshoot and can lead to a lot of headaches for both you and your business. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to jump a/c compressor relays and get them back up and running again.

What is a A/C compressor relay?

A/C compressor relay is a safety device that helps to keep the A/C system running in case of power outages. When the compressor relay is activated, it sends an electrical signal to the A/C compressor to start working.

How to jumper a A/C compressor relay

When your A/C compressor fails, you may be able to jumper the relay to bypass it and keep the A/C running. To jumper the compressor relay: Disconnect the negative battery cable. Remove the two screws that hold the cover on the relay housing. Pull out the relay. Replace it with a new one, making sure that it is closed correctly. Reinstall the cover and screws. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

What could happen if you jumper a A/C compressor relay?

A compressor relay can fail, causing the A/C to stop working. If this happens in the summertime when the car is hot, it can be very uncomfortable. The most likely cause of a compressor relay failure is age and corrosion. If you notice that your A/C isn’t working properly, the first thing to do is check for a compressor relay failure. Here are some steps to take if you find that your A/C doesn’t seem to be working as well as it used to:

Check for obvious signs of a failed compressor relay, like burnt out wires or melted plastic. If there are no obvious signs of a problem, inspect the electrical connector that attaches the relay to the car’s wiring. Old connectors can often corrode and cause problems with electrical continuity, causing the relay to fail. If your connector looks good but your A/C still isn’t working properly, test the power supply to your car by running an extension cord from an outside outlet into your car and turning on all of the lights in your vehicle. If your A/C still doesn’t work after you’ve checked all of these things, it might be time to replace your compressor relay.

How to replace an A/C compressor relay

If your A/C compressor relay is going bad, you can replace it relatively easily. The procedure is generally similar for most models. First, find the relay and remove the cover. On most models there are two screws that hold the relay in place. Then disconnect the electrical cables from the relay. Finally, remove the relay from its mounting bracket and replace it with a new one. Be careful not to pinch any of the wires when replacing the relay!