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How to Get Anti Theft Code For Dodge Charger

In order to get the anti theft code for your Dodge Charger, you will need to contact a dealership or the customer service hotline for Dodge. The anti theft code is a four digit number that is unique to each vehicle and is used to disable the security system if it is triggered. If you have lost your code, you can still obtain it by providing proof of ownership and identification to the dealership or customer service representative.

  • There are a few steps you need to follow in order to get the anti theft code for your Dodge Charger
  • Find your car’s VIN number
  • This can be found on the dashboard, on the driver’s side door, or on your car’s registration paperwork
  • Call a Dodge dealership and give them your VIN number
  • They will be able to generate a new anti theft code for you
  • Enter the new code into your car’s stereo system
  • The code should be entered by pressing a specific sequence of buttons on the stereo itself
  • Consult your car’s owner’s manual for more information
How to Get Anti Theft Code For Dodge Charger

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How Do I Get the Anti-Theft Code for My Dodge Radio?

If you’re looking for the anti-theft code for your Dodge radio, there are a few things you need to know. First, the code is not specific to Dodge radios – it’s actually a generic code that can be used on any radio with an anti-theft feature. Second, the code is usually found in the owner’s manual or on a card that comes with the radio.

If you can’t find either of these, you’ll need to contact a dealer or service center for help. Once you have the code, enter it into the radio using the following steps: 1. Turn off theradio.

2. Press and hold down the ” presets 2 and 3 ” buttons at the same time . 3. While holding those buttons down , turn ontheradio . The display should say” Enter Code .”

4. Use thenumbers onthepresetbuttons to enter your four – digitcode . The first number ofthecode corresponds to preset button 1 , thesecond numberto preset button 2 , and so forth .

Where Do I Find the Anti-Theft Code?

If your car has an anti-theft device, the code will be in one of a few places. It may be stamped on a card that came with your owner’s manual. Or, it may be printed on a sticker inside your glove box.

If you can’t find it there, try looking on the console near the ignition or on the door pillar. If you still can’t find it, give your dealership a call—they should be able to look up the code for you.

How Do I Get Anti-Theft Code for Uconnect?

If you’re the owner of a Uconnect-equipped vehicle, you can get your anti-theft code by following these steps: 1. Find your Uconnect module. This is typically located in the center console of your vehicle.

2. Press and hold the phone button on your Uconnect module for five seconds. 3. A four-digit code will then be generated and displayed on your Uconnect screen. Write this code down, as you’ll need it to activate your system’s anti-theft features.

How Do I Get My Dodge Charger Out of Theft Mode?

If your Dodge Charger is in theft mode, there are a few things you can do to try and get it out. First, try disconnecting the battery for 30 seconds and then reconnecting it. This will sometimes reset the system and get your car out of theft mode.

If that doesn’t work, you can try reprogramming the key fob using the instructions in your owner’s manual. If neither of those methods work, you’ll need to take your car to a dealer or locksmith to have them help you get your car out of theft mode.

Installing Uconnect 8.4 On Dodge Challenger Goes Wrong Anti-Theft Code Needed!!! How To Get Code!!

How to Get Anti Theft Code for Dodge Challenger

It can be a real pain when your car is stolen, and even more so if you don’t have the anti theft code for your Dodge Challenger. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few things you can do to try and get the code. First, check with your local police department.

They may have access to databases that can help you track down the code. Another option is to contact a locksmith or car dealership. They may be able to provide you with the code or at least point you in the right direction.

Lastly, there are a few websites that claim to offer the codes for free. However, we cannot vouch for their accuracy and recommend proceeding with caution if you choose to use one of these services. With a little effort, it should be possible to get the anti theft code for your Dodge Challenger and get back on the road again!


If you’re the owner of a Dodge Charger, you may be wondering how to get the anti theft code for your car. The good news is that it’s not difficult to find, and there are a few different ways to go about getting it. One way is to contact your local Dodge dealership and ask for the code.

They should be able to provide it to you quickly and easily. Another option is to check your car’s owner’s manual – it should have the code listed somewhere inside. Finally, you can also try searching online for “Dodge Charger anti theft codes.”

This should bring up a few different websites where you can enter your VIN (vehicle identification number) and get the code that way. Once you have the code, simply enter it into your car’s audio system when prompted and you’ll be all set!