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How To Fix Rear Window Defroster

The rear window defroster is one of those devices that we take for granted. We flip the switch and suddenly the glass becomes a frigid, icy wasteland. But what happens when it goes wrong? In this post, we will explore common problems with rear window defrosters and how to fix them. From broken clips to frozen screens, we’ll show you how to deal with every issue that might crop up.

Review the Parts of a Rear Window Defroster

The rear window defroster is a necessary part of a car’s cooling system. It is used to remove heat from the car’s interior and send it out of the window.

There are three parts to a rear window defroster: the fan, the housing, and the arm. The fan rotates at high speeds to create wind currents that remove heat from the inside of the car. The housing holds the fan and protects it from debris. The arm extends out from the housing and cools the glass against your back.

Clean the Rear Window Defroster

If your rear window defroster isn’t working, it’s probably time to clean it. The blades on a rear window defroster need to be moving quickly in order to work properly, so dust and other debris can build up over time. You’ll need a can of compressed air and some towels.

Start by removing the back panel of the window. You may need to use a screwdriver to pry it off. Once you’ve removed the panel, you’ll see the two blades that move the air. Clean them with a towel soaked in compressed air and then reattach the back panel.

Adjust the Rear Window Defroster

If the rear window defroster does not work, there are a few things you can do to adjust it. If the switch is broken, you can replace it. If the belt needs to be replaced, you will need to remove the rear panel.

Test the Rear Window Defroster

If your car has a rear window defroster, it may not work properly. To test the defroster, open the window and hold a tissue up to the glass. If the tissue reflects light, the defroster is working. If not, check to see if the blades are clean and if there is any debris on them. If there is debris on the blades, use a small piece of cardboard or paper to move it around so that it falls off of the blades. Finally, turn on the car’s overhead light and see if the light shines through the Defroster openings.