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How To Fix Park Assist Blocked

If you’ve ever used your car’s Park Assist function, you know that it can be a bit of a lifesaver. It allows you to steer your car into a tight spot without having to use the manual controls. Unfortunately, sometimes Park Assist can get blocked, which can lead to some costly accidents. In this blog post, we will discuss how to fix Park Assist blocked and help keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

What is Park Assist?

Park assist is a feature that allows drivers to park their car by themselves. Park assist is activated when the driver pushes a button on the steering wheel. The car then moves forward and parks itself. However, if the driver’s hands are occupied or if they don’t push the button within three seconds, the car will back out of the space and allow someone else to park.

The problem with Park assist is that it can be blocked by other cars. If another car is parked in front of your vehicle, the system won’t allow you to park. In order to fix this problem, you first need to determine what’s causing the blockage. There are several things that could be blocking your way: an obstruction in front of your vehicle, a piece of debris on the ground, or someone else’s car. Once you know what’s causing the blockage, you can start removing those obstacles so that you can finally use Park Assist.

How Park Assist Works

If your car’s park assist system is not working, it might be because the sensors are blocked. Follow these steps to clear the sensors:

1. Turn the car off and then back on.
2. Put the car in Reverse.
3. Press and hold down the brake pedal while you step on the gas pedal, and keep holding it until you see “ACC” in the dashboard display (this will take a few seconds).
4. Release the brake pedal, and as soon as you see “PARK” in the dashboard display, let go of the gas pedal.
5. You’re done! The sensors should now be cleared, and your car’s park assist should work properly.

How to Fix a Park Assist Blocked

If your car’s Park Assist feature is blocked, try the following:

Check to see if the obstruction is on or under the car. Remove any loose objects that could be obstructing the sensors. Clear any snow or ice from around the sensor. Check all of the parking brake cables and connectors for twists or kinks. Reset the Parking Brake Switch by rotating it in a clockwise direction for about 10 seconds. Give the car plenty of time to re-establish its parking sensors before trying to drive out again. If all else fails, bring your car into an authorized Ford dealer for a repair.


If you’re having trouble getting your Park Assist to work, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, make sure that your car is properly equipped with the necessary sensors. Second, check to see if there is any debris or obstruction in between the sensor and the sensor reader on your vehicle. Finally, double-check that you have placed the sensor in the correct position on your car. If all of these steps fail to fix the issue, it might be time for a replacement sensor.