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How To Drain Torque Converter With No Drain Plug

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of experience with torque converters. They’re probably just something you use when you need to change your tire, right? Wrong. Torque converters are actually pretty important pieces of machinery, and if they go wrong, it can lead to serious problems. In this blog post, we will show you how to drained torque converter without the use of a drain plug. This is a skill that is likely to come in handy someday, so make sure you learn how to do it properly.

What is a torque converter?

A torque converter is a device that helps convert rotational force from the engine to linear force on the drive shaft. This allows the car to move forward or backward, depending on the desired gear ratio. A torque converter is typically located between the engine and transmission, and it can be drained using a regular drain plug.

How to drain a torque converter with no drain plug

Torque converters can become plugged up with debris and oil over time, which can cause decreased power and transmission issues. If the converter is unable to be drained using a drain plug, a breaker bar or chisel may be necessary. Start by removing any screws that hold the top cover on. Next, disconnect the hoses that feed oil and coolant into the converter. Pull out the cooler hose if possible to make it easier to remove the bolt that holds the converter cover in place. Carefully lift the cover off of the converter. Be careful not to drop any debris into the unit! Once the cover is off, use a breaker bar or chisel to pry apart any debris that has built up around the Converter’s impeller shaft. Use a funnel if necessary to avoid getting debris in your engine. Finally, put everything back together in reverse order and torque down all connections until they are secure.

Why would I need to drain a torque converter?

If the torque converter has been leaking fluid for some time, it’s time to drain it. This can be done with just a few tools and a little patience.

How do I drain a torque converter?

If your torque converter has a drain plug, remove the plug and pour a pot of boiling water over the converter. Allow the converter to cool before removing the bolts that hold it on. After the bolts are removed, tilt the converter forward and use a wrench to unscrew the plastic cover. Pour a pot of cool water into the converter and replace the cover. Tighten the bolts loosely and mark their positions with a marker so you can re-install them in reverse order when you’re done.

Tips for draining a torque converter without damage

If your car has a torque converter, it’s important to know how to drain it without damaging the unit. Here are some tips:

1. Park the car on a level surface and turn off the engine.

2. Remove the cap and screw on the drain plug adapter.

3. Place a container under the torque converter while you unscrew the drain plug.

4. Once the plug is removed, use a funnel to pour in plenty of oil (an excess will spill). The oil will flow out of the torque converter and into the container below it. Be careful not to splash any oil on yourself or your car!

5. Replace the cap and screw on the drain plug adapter, then reattach the battery cables. Turn on the engine and drive away as usual.