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How To Clean Chrome Rims That Are Pitted

It’s no secret that chrome rims are one of the most popular features on cars these days. They add a touch of luxury and style, and for many drivers, they’re just about the only thing that sets their car apart from the rest. But like all things beautiful and shiny, chrome rims can quickly become damaged if not properly taken care of. In this blog post, we will show you how to clean chrome rims that are pitted or have other damage. We’ll also provide a few tips for keeping your chrome looking its best.

What You’ll Need

If your chrome rims are looking a little tarnished or pitted, there is a quick and easy way to clean them! All you need is some dish soap and warm water.

Simply dunk the rim in the soapy water and scrub it with a sponge. Be sure to work around the edges of the rim as well. Once you’ve cleaned it all up, rinse it off and dry it off. You’re done!

How to Clean Chrome Rims That Are Pitted

If your chrome wheels are pitted and starting to look grungy, there is a simple method you can use to clean them. All you need is some warm water and soap, some toothpaste, and a cloth. Soak the cloth in the soapy water, then wet the rim of the wheel. Squeeze some toothpaste onto the wet cloth, rub it all around the Rim, and rinse off with cold water.

Tips for Cleaning Chrome Rims That Are Pitted

If you have chrome rims that are pitted, there are a few things you can do to clean them.
1. Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil.
2. Add dish soap and let it mixture cool slightly.
3. Swipe the rim with the soapy water mixture, using circular motions.
4. Rinse off the rim with cold water and dry it off.
5. Apply a sealant if desired