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How To Change A Shifter Knob

If you’ve ever had to change a shifter knob on your car, you know that it can be a pain. The shifter knob is one of those small, yet important, parts that needs to be handled with care so that it doesn’t wear out prematurely. If you have a newer car, chances are good that the shifter knob is made of plastic. And if you have a older car, chances are even better that the shifter knob is made of metal. Changing a shifter knob can be a bit tricky, but not impossible. In this blog post, we will show you how to change a shifter knob on both types of cars. ###

What is a Shifter Knob?

A shifter knob is a type of knob found on many vehicles that allows the driver to change gears. Shifter knobs usually have a lever or switch on one side and a gear selector on the other. When you want to shift into first gear, you push the lever towards the gear selector. When you want to shift out of first gear, you pull the lever away from the gear selector.

How to Change a Shifter Knob

Changing a shifter knob can be a relatively easy task if you have the correct tools and know what you’re doing. Here are four steps to getting your shifter working correctly again:

1) Remove the shifter knob by unscrewing it from the car’s center console. Be sure to note the orientation of the gear shift as you do so- this will be important when reinstalling it.

2) Locate the gear selector shaft inside the car. It should have a washer and nut on either end, and may also have a circlip or clip on it to hold it in place. Loosen both nuts by turning them counterclockwise with a Phillips head screwdriver (or equivalent). Now, CAREFULLY pull out on the gear selector shaft, being sure not to lose any of the gear selector circlips or clips as you go!

3) Once out, take note of which gear is where- this will be very important when reassembling the knob. You may now need to make some adjustments to get it back into place properly- depending on which gear you removed, there may be one or more additional holes that need drilling to make new fittings for the shaft(s). Follow these instructions accordingly:
One hole will usually line up with one matching screw in the assembly; simply use a 3/8″ drill bit and tap it into place. If there are multiple gears removed, then you’ll need to drill

What If I Can’t Find My Shifter Knob?

If you can’t find your shifter knob, there are a few things you can do to get it working again. If the shifter doesn’t move at all, it may be that the cable has been pulled out of the slot in the center console. To fix this, you’ll need to take off the dashboard and remove the screws that hold on the metal cover. Once that’s off, you can see the cable running down the center of the console and out of the slot. You can then reattach the cable by threading it through both ends and screwing it back into place. If your shifter still doesn’t work, it may be that there is something preventing it from moving. This could be a piece of debris or something caught in between the gears. In this case, you’ll need to take apart your shifter completely and clean everything out before reassembling it.


Changing a shifter knob on your car can be a daunting task, but it’s one that you can easily accomplish with the help of some simple tools and directions. If you’ve ever changed the oil or had your brakes serviced, changing the shifter knob on your car will be a breeze in comparison. Be sure to read through our guide before starting so that you know exactly what to expect, and enjoy!