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How To Bypass Low Pressure Switch On Ac

Low pressure switch on ac units are a common issue for homeowners. They can be frustrating because they can lead to problems like high energy bills and even health problems. Fortunately, there are ways to bypass the switch and get your ac unit up and running again. In this blog post, we will outline these methods and help you get your ac unit working properly once again.

What is a Low Pressure Switch On Ac?

A low pressure switch on an air conditioning unit is a safety device that prevents the AC from running if the air pressure in the room falls below a set point. This can occur if you open a window or turn on a fan, and the decreased air pressure causes the compressor to start working harder.

How to Bypass a Low Pressure Switch On Ac

Low pressure switch on ac can often be bypassed by using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is connected to the ac unit and the low pressure switch is turned off. As the suction from the vacuum cleaner pulls air through the filter, it increases the air pressure in front of the low pressure switch and turns it back on.

When to Bypass a Low Pressure Switch On Ac

There may be occasions when you need to bypass a low pressure switch on your air conditioning unit in order to continue operation. This could be due to a malfunction or if the temperature outside is too high for the AC unit to handle.


If you find that your ac is only producing low pressure when the temperature outside is below freezing, there are a few things you can do to bypass the low pressure switch. One option is to install a heat pump system, which will help regulate the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Another option is to replace the low pressure switch with a higher-pressure one, though this will likely cost more than simply installing a heat pump system. If you decide to go this route, be sure to read up on how to install and maintain high-pressure switches before making any alterations.