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How Much Torque For Spark Plugs

Do you ever feel like you need more torque for your spark plugs? If so, you’re not alone. There are plenty of people who feel the same way. And in many cases, this is perfectly understandable. Spark plugs are one of the most important components in your engine; they help to ignite the fuel and start the engine. So if they aren’t working correctly, it can have a major impact on your car’s performance. In this blog post, we will explore how much torque you need for your spark plugs and how to diagnose and fix any issues that may be causing them to fail. We hope this article will help you get your engines running smoothly again!

What Is Torque?

What is torque? Torque is the force that produces a rotational movement. In mechanics, torque can be measured in units of ft-lb or Nm. Torque is responsible for turning gears and rotating shafts. It’s also used to apply pressure to objects in order to move them.

The SI unit of torque is the newton meter (Nm). One newtonmeter equals 1 joule or 1 watt-hour. The US customary unit of torque is the foot-pound (ft-lb). One foot-pound equals 0.225 newtons or 0.4536 watts.

The Types of Spark Plugs

The types of spark plugs used in automobiles depend on the type of engine being used. In gasoline engines, there are two types of spark plugs: lead-based and nickel-cadmium. Lead-based plugs are older and typically use more fuel to ignite the mixture, while nickel-cadmium plugs are more recent and use less fuel but require a higher voltage to start.

How to Check Torque on Spark Plugs

If you are experiencing misfire or poor performance with your spark plugs, it might be time to check their torque. Checking the torque for spark plugs is a simple process that can help troubleshoot common problems.

To check the torque on a spark plug, use a wrench that has an adjustable spanner head. Tighten the spanner until the plug feels firm but not too tight, and then loosen it one turn. Repeat this process until all of the plugs feel the same. You should aim to tighten the spanner until you hear a “ping” or “clank” when you rotate it.


Looking to replace your spark plugs, but not sure how much torque you need? I’ve put together a quick chart showcasing the standard recommended torque values for spark plugs. Make sure to consult your car’s owner’s manual to get the exact number of rotations that should be applied when installing new spark plugs!