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How Much Does Mavis Charge For An Oil Change

Mavis is a well-known and respected mechanic shop in the UK. They offer a wide range of services, from oil changes to brake repairs, and they also offer a free mobile service for customers. Recently, Mavis ran a promotion where they offered free oil changes for any customer who brought in their car or motorcycle. Now that the promotion is over, we wanted to find out how much Mavis charges for an oil change. Based on our research, we found that Mavis charges £57 for an oil change. This means that Mavis charges £2 more than the average mechanic shop in the UK.

What is an Oil Change?

Some people think that an oil change is a simple task that can be done without having to spend a lot of money. However, oil changes can actually be quite expensive, depending on the service your Mavis technician provides. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting your car serviced:

-The type of oil your car uses will affect the cost of theOil Change. Synthetic oils tend to be more expensive than conventional oils.

-Your vehicle’s engine size and make will also affect the cost of an oil change. For example, a small engine may require less frequent oil changes than a large engine.

-The level of expertise and experience of the technician performing your oil change will also affect the price. A more experienced technician will likely charge more for an oil change than a less experienced technician.

How Much Does Mavis Charge for an Oil Change?

Mavis Discount Tire offers a variety of services, including oil changes. Depending on the type of oil change, Mavis may charge anywhere from $10 to $30. The prices vary based on the size of the engine and the type of oil used.

Pros and Cons of Going to Mavis for an Oil Change

Pros and Cons of Going to Mavis for an Oil Change

When it comes to car maintenance, few places can beat Mavis. With a wide variety of services and competitive prices, this shop is a great option for those looking to get their vehicle in top shape.

However, there are some things to keep in mind before heading over. First, while Mavis is one of the most affordable places around to get your oil changed, it can also be quite pricey. Second, the quality of work here isn’t always up to par – so make sure you ask about any specific concerns you have before getting service done.

Overall, Mavis is a great choice for those looking for affordable car maintenance. Just be sure to do your research first and ask questions about any concerns you may have.


Mavis charges $68 for an oil change, which is a bit higher than most places. However, they offer a number of other benefits, such as free tire rotation and brake service, so it may be worth it to pay the extra money. If you are looking for an affordable place to get your car serviced, Mavis may be a good option.