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How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Oil Pan

When your car starts making an odd noise, it’s natural to take it in for a check-up. But did you know you can do the same for your engine? Yes, you can schedule an oil change and get your car running smoothly and efficiently once again. But what about when the time comes to schedule a replacement of the oil pan? Unless you’re extremely lucky, this is one part of your car that will need to be replaced over time. In this blog article, we will provide you with an estimate of how much it costs to replace the oil pan on a typical car. From there, you can make the decision whether or not it’s worth taking care of this minor detail yourself or hiring a professional mechanic.

What is a Oil Pan?

The oil pan is located at the bottom of an engine and contains the oil. It’s a crucial component and can often require replacement due to wear and tear. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it may cost anywhere from $200 to $2,000 to replace the oil pan.

Types of Oil Pan

There are a few different types of oil pans available on the market. The most popular type is the sump pan, which is located in the engine block. Other types of oil pans include the pickup pan, which is located underneath the car, and the hot side pan, which is located on the side of the engine block closest to the exhaust pipe. When it comes time to replace your oil pan, be sure to get a replacement that matches your car’s original part number.

Costs to Replace an Oil Pan

Replacing the oil pan on a car can be a costly affair, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. A 2008 Ford Explorer XLT may cost around $900 to replace, while a Toyota Camry may cost around $1,500. Factors that will influence the price include make and model, age of the vehicle, type of engine – V6 or V8 – and whether or not a rebuild is required.

How to Replace an Oil Pan

If your car’s engine is losing oil, it’s time to replace the oil pan. The parts cost about $130 and the labor is about $75. You’ll also need a quart of new engine oil (around $25), a funnel, some Drain Plugs, and some Jacks. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the hood and locate the oil pan. It will be on the passenger side towards the front of the car.
2. Remove the screws that hold it in place (4) and pull it off.
3. Check for leaks and replace as necessary. If there are no leaks, you can remove the sealer that was used to keep moisture out of the pan (5). This should only take a few minutes with a screwdriver or socket set. Once you’ve removed all of the sealer, clean the pan with soap and water before re-installing it using screws (4).
4. Pour in a quart of new engine oil into your container and add enough Drain Plugs to cover the top of the oil pan (6). Place them on top of each other so they form an “X” overtop of each hole in the plug (7). Hold them in place with your fingers while inserting two Jacks into each hole next to them, then twist them until they’re tight (8). Wait at least 30 minutes before driving your car so that any excess oil can drain away safely.