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How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Scratched Rim

When you drive your car, do you ever worry about the damage it could sustained if you hit something? If not, you should. A scratched rim is just as dangerous, and can lead to a lot more trouble than just a dent in the bumper. In this article, we’re going to explore the costs of fixing a scratched rim and how to avoid them in the first place. We’ll also provide some tips on how to deal with bumps and bruises while driving, so that you can minimize the chances of having your car damaged in any way.



-Rim repair adhesive or sealant (depending on the type of rim damage)
-Paint or a clear coat of your choice
-Fine sandpaper (100, 600, or 1200 grit)
-Drop cloth
-Roll of heavy-duty masking tape
-Clean rags
Step One: Prep the Rim. If the rim is badly scratched, it will need to be repaired. Remove any old adhesive or sealant with a cleaner rag and then sand the area down to bare metal. If you are using a sealant, prime it with a drop of paint before applying. Step Two: Apply Repair Material. Depending on the type of rim damage, you may need to use one of two types of rim repair adhesive or sealant: an aerosol can or tube of glue and clear silicone sealant; or a liquid resin that dries clear and is applied with a brush. Follow the instructions on the can or tube. Step Three: Apply Finish. Once the adhesive or sealant is dry, apply a light coat of your chosen finish over it. Use a wet brush to help distribute the finish evenly. Allow the finish to dry completely before polishing if desired. Step Four: Tape & Protect Your Rim. Cut out a piece of heavy-duty masking tape large enough to cover your entire damaged area, and then place it over your clean work space


There are a few things that you will need in order to fix a scratched rim. The most common tool that is used for this task is a can of compressed air. This tool can be used to remove the scratches from the rim. Another tool that is often used is a brush. This brush can be used to clean off any loose particles that may have been left on the rim by the air compressor. Once these tools are available, they should be placed in an easy-to-reach place. The next step is to find the scratch. It is best to use a light source in order to see it better. After locating the scratch, use one of the tools mentioned earlier to remove it. If the scratch is too deep, it may require some additional work such as sanding or filler material.


If your car has a scratched rim, it’s important to take care of the damage as soon as possible. There are several steps you can take to fix a scratched rim, and each will cost different amounts.

The most common way to fix a scratched rim is to have a professional remove the scratch and patch the area with a sealant. This process can cost anywhere from $60-$120 depending on the severity of the scratch. In some cases, the repair may not be necessary and you can just clean and polish the area until it looks good again.

Another option is to use a pot metal remover. This tool gently removes scratches without damaging the surface. However, this option is only available at certain car dealerships and can cost between $40-$80.

If you don’t want to pay for either of these methods, you can try using a hair dryer or an optical pen. These tools heat up the metal and make it easier for you to remove the scratch. However, these methods are less effective than professional repairs and may require multiple attempts before success is achieved.

Estimated Cost

If you have a minor scuff or dent on your car’s rim, the cost to repair it is usually around $50-$100. However, if the dent or scuff is more severe, the cost can increase to around $200+. In either case, it’s always best to bring your car in for a proper evaluation so that you can get an accurate estimate of what needs to be done.


If you’ve accidentally dropped your phone and it has a scratched rim, don’t despair. There are plenty of people out there who can help you fix the damage for a price. However, be aware that the cost of fixing a scratched rim may vary depending on the severity of the scratch. If it’s just a small nick, then most likely someone will be able to do the repair for free. However, if the scratch is more extensive or if it affects the structural integrity of the phone, then you might have to pay for a professional to take care of it. Whatever your circumstance may be, make sure to research prices before getting started so that you know exactly what you’re looking at.