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Are Car Sensors Covered Under Warranty

Car sensors can be a valuable part of your safety arsenal, but they’re not infallible. In fact, many car sensors are subject to failure over time. And when they do, it can lead to costly repairs. If you experience a sensor failure in your vehicle, are you covered under warranty? The answer is yes, as long as the sensor was installed by a qualified technician and meets certain other requirements. This article will give you all the information you need to know about car sensors and their warranty coverage.

What is a car sensor?

A car sensor is a component in a vehicle that detects changes in the air pressure and temperature around it. These sensors help to optimize performance and warn drivers of potential problems. Most car sensors are covered under warranty, but some may only be covered for a certain period of time.

Types of car sensors

There are a few different types of car sensors that can malfunction and require replacement. Some common sensors include airbag, traction control, and brake sensors.
The warranty for most car parts is generally one year or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, some brands offer longer warranties, and some automakers have their own extended warranty programs. When it comes to sensor replacements, many automakers will cover the cost of the sensor outright if it’s determined that it’s the root cause of the problem. If the sensor isn’t covered under warranty or the cost of repair exceeds the value of the sensor, then owners may be able to find reimbursement through their insurance company or third-party repairs.

Warranty coverage for car sensors

Generally, car sensors are not covered under warranty. However, there are a few exceptions – such as if the sensor is defective or causes an issue with the car. In most cases, the warranty on sensors usually covers only manufacturing defects.

How to find out if your car sensor is covered under warranty

If your car sensor is covered under warranty, you will need to contact the manufacturer. If the sensor is not covered, you can still try to fix it yourself.


When it comes to car sensors, most people are unsure of what is and isn’t covered under warranty. In this article, we will be discussing the types of car sensors that are typically covered by a warranty, as well as some tips on how to protect your investment if something does happen. So whether you have just bought a new car or have had it for years, make sure to read on for helpful advice on keeping your car sensor in good working order!